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3 Ways to Manage Your Pharmacy Remotely

It can be difficult for independent pharmacy owners to keep tabs on everything, especially when overseeing multiple stores. To keep things running smoothly, it’s essential that pharmacists can easily access vital pharmacy information, even when they aren’t on-site. This includes reporting, patient profiles and prescription queues. That’s why BestRx Pharmacy Management Software offers comprehensive, remote pharmacy management features for both single and multi-location pharmacies. With these features, pharmacies can quickly view and manage patient, prescription and pharmacy activity all their locations, from anywhere.

Here are three ways to manage your pharmacy remotely with BestRx:

Central Verification

With this feature, pharmacies can sync their verification queue(s) to the cloud and verify scripts remotely through an online portal*. Multi-pharmacy owners can also link all their stores and access each location’s queues with a single login. Pharmacists can access the portal by logging in with a valid email address, using any browser and mobile device. Plus, the portal’s verification screens are easy to navigate because they are similar to the BestRx verification screens used on-site at the pharmacy. Using the verification portal, pharmacists can:

• View a list of prescriptions in the queue

• Verify the prescriptions

• View any images or documents linked to a prescription

This not only saves time, but can reduce staff costs too, since a single pharmacist is able to verify prescriptions for multiple locations.

*The pharmacy must be in a states that allows telepharmacy/remote verification to access the portal/verify scripts off-site. In states that don’t allow remote verification the verification portal can still be accessed on a non-BestRx device (computer, tablet or smart phone) as long as they are physically at the pharmacy.

Patient Profile Lookup & Electronic Transfer

With this feature, pharmacies under the same ownership can look up patient and prescription information from any of their other locations. The information can be easily obtained by searching an online portal, or through the BestRx software. This allows pharmacies to view a patient’s prescription profile and quickly e-transfer a prescription from one of their pharmacy locations to another, when needed. With this feature, multi-location pharmacies can:

• Save staff time by eliminate the need to call/fax to send information between stores

• Reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer and fill prescriptions

• Provide a more seamless patient experience

Central Reporting

This feature allows pharmacies to sync their data to the cloud for convenient access to vital reporting by logging on to an online portal. Many frequently used BestRx reports are already available on the portal and additional reports continue to be added.  When generating reports, pharmacists can:

• View reports for a single store

• Select certain stores to include in a single report, filtering out others

• View all their locations at once, in a single report

With the ability to sync multiple stores to a single account, multi-pharmacy owners can easily monitor activity at all their locations, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them.

Not only does BestRx offer advanced, remote functionality to help you oversee all your pharmacy operations, but you can select the combination of features that best fits your needs. To learn more about our remote pharmacy management features, contact customer support.

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