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Don't Return It When Another Pharmacy Can Buy It

As you read this, hundreds of pharmacies are buying and selling on RpH2RpH, a pharmacy-to-pharmacy marketplace from EzriRx.

What does this mean for a pharmacy? Management does not have to return products or pay restocking fees. The platform also allows pharmacies waiting on a script to purchase from another pharmacy in their state.* This inventive idea revolutionizes supply and demand problems in the pharmaceutical industry.

It's easy. One pharmacy lists and sells an item. The other pharmacy searches, buys, and saves.

This platform allows pharmacies and healthcare providers in the U.S. to purchase millions of dollars' worth of Rx, HBA, OTC, Med Surg, and Pet Meds daily with significant savings.

This all-in-one marketplace is the new standard in healthcare purchasing. This solution provides a legal way to sell pharmaceuticals to other pharmacies, and it is 100 percent free. Log on to today to access unmatched savings on medications. 


*Varies by state

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