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Seals for Safety

If the top foil layer is removed to reveal the “opened” layer of the IV Bag Seal, this indicates that the bag has been tampered with. The healthcare professional then knows to dispose of the damaged product safely. Steri-Tamp® sterile seals help fight against contamination, tampering, and accidental double dosing. Hospitals view this product as an ideal choice for USP <797> and USP <800> compliance.

Steri-Tamp Tamper Evident Sterile Seals are the only single-use seals that provide and maintain a 100 percent sterile barrier. 

Steri-Tamp®'s Sterile Seal Advantages:

- Significantly Reduces the Risk of Diversion

- Easier Application Leads to Improved Workflow

- Reveals Physical Evidence that Medication Has Been Modified

- Easier to apply than caps. Cheaper than caps. Enables you to modify an IV bag, unlike caps.

- Helps to Eliminate Costs Associated with Waste

- 3X Greater Adhesion - Stays on, Even in Refrigeration

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