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Achieve 340B Excellence

The challenges facing 340B programs are complex, and at the same time, the benefits and savings opportunities are significant. Understanding how to manage both simultaneously is the secret to a successful 340B program. 


CPS’ team of experts excel in empowering hospitals and health systems to achieve high levels of performance in every aspect of a 340B program. They will work closely with the pharmacy team to secure outpatient drugs at significantly reduced prices, enabling underserved patient populations to receive high-quality healthcare.

Here’s what CPS will do to advance your pharmacy:

• Develop an audit plan to comply with the Public Health Service Act requirements.

• Implement a 340B Assist program structured to yield optimal results and adhere to HRSA standards.

• Optimize a 340 program by deploying proprietary tools, expertise, and resources to identify opportunities to capture the most savings.

CPS has partnered with over 800 healthcare facilities to improve pharmacy operations and deliver innovative technology solutions.

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