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What's a pharmacy value?
More importantly, what's your pharmacy worth? And how does that factor into the overall transaction? Valuations are perhaps the most critical component in a pharmacy sales transaction. But selling is not the only reason to valuate a business.

Major life events—such as a marriage or divorce—can also be reasons for a professional valuation. Bringing on partners, acquiring other business assets, planning for retirement, drafting a will; all require a great deal of forethought and attention, including a critical evaluation of your current business worth.

Pharmacy Brokers conducts a thorough market value analysis based on specific consideration of the pharmacy profile and financials of each subject pharmacy. Fair Market Value is assigned to each pharmacy based on a weighted adjustment in consideration of variables such as:

How Do I Valuate My Pharmacy?
While there are several common factors that come into play when valuing any business, each brings its own unique set of circumstances to the table, requiring a customized approach to determining its full, actual worth.
Whether you want to sell your pharmacy, prepare for your future, or simply complete the formal valuation of what is likely your largest business asset, Contact Pharmacy Brokers today. We have the finest tools available to us to help keep your business goals on track.

At Pharmacy Brokers, we understand you need someone with the expertise and knowledge to represent you in the valuation of your pharmacy. We are able to access fair market value, understand your needs for an exit (or partnership), and utilize our knowledge of the market to provide you with a detailed pharmacy valuation that will make you feel comfortable you are receiving the most value out of your investment.

Determining the value of a pharmacy may be one of the biggest decisions of your career and life, and we don’t take that for granted. At Pharmacy Brokers, we have the years of experience and expertise to effectively evaluate the value of your pharmacy and offer you piece-of-mind you are making the right decision to work with us as experts in the medical valuation industry.

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