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Operational Excellence Leads to Clinical Excellence — The Compliance Team [VIDEO]

“ After going through The Compliance Team’s accreditation process, we’re not only a better business, WE’RE A BETTER PHARMACY.”

— John Richards, Pharm.D. 

Professional Village Pharmacy, Sacramento, CA

Community Pharmacy / Non-Sterile Compounding / DMEPOS

Operational Excellence Leads to Clinical Excellence. 

What sets TCT apart from other accreditation organizations is that our Community Pharmacy standards target the areas that improve your Operations, Adherence, and Outcomes. Medication Adherence, Medication Therapy Management, Immunization processes, Point-of-Care Testing, and Medication Reconciliation are all core components of our standards.

Also included is our new Clinical Disease Management program, which recognizes a pharmacy’s expanding role from a transaction-based to a clinical-based services practice.

Community Pharmacy Accreditation offers you a path to overall clinical excellence. Choose to be an Exemplary Provider® .


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