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The state of supplies is top news, especially for the healthcare industry. Jays Company takes care of their customer when they need indispensable printing and packaging, ranging from medicine bottle labels to blister packages. Jays' niche is custom imprinting and can personalize products with logo and message, expanding branding and awareness.

This supplier has decades of experience procuring and customizing medical forms and labels. The team is especially adept at providing hard-to-procure packaging products. Pharmacies, clinics, and health systems can find and tailor packaging, Rx labels, vials, med sheets, compounding supplies, and more at Jays.

Known for exceptional service, the team strives to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Because they source products from more than 100 manufacturers all around the country, they can offer many items for its customers at the best cost possible. The result is that Jays Company sees customer service as an opportunity, not as a cost.


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