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Advanced Safety and Comfort Features of Modern Biosafety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) is the primary engineering control for applications involving infectious pathogens, mammalian cell culture, and sterile hazardous drugs. These cabinets provide operator protection from hazards or microbiological risk exposure, while also safeguarding sensitive specimens from cross-contamination inside the work zone.

Proper selection of Biosafety Cabinets is crucial to determine the safety of the operators and specimens. BSCs started as simple cabinets with fan and filters, but they evolved with recent technological advancements. This article discusses features of modern BSCs that provide better operator and product protection.

Stay current with the latest BSC developments before purchasing new units by having the features below:




Esco Scientific offers two platforms of biosafety cabinets to cater to your specific needs: the compact-sized Airstream® series and the full-sized Labculture® series. Each comes with advanced key features and basic configurations that we can further customize to meet your unique needs.


Airstream® Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet is a compact-sized BSC with:

- conveniently compact work zone

- smaller footprint

- lower noise level

- large sash opening at 8"

- short external height at 55"

- energy-efficient DC ECM blower

- lower power consumption at 200 watts for 4 ft size


Labculture® Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet is a full-sized BSC with:

- spacious work zone

- low noise level

- larger sash opening at 9"

- external height at 60.5"

- energy-efficient DC ECM blower

- low power consumption at 285 watts for 4 ft size

Esco Lifesciences is a world-leading manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets with tens of thousands of systems sold worldwide. We provide the best in customer service and utilize knowledge, based on years of experience, to offer the industry's premier design and quality.

Protect your personnel, samples, laboratory, and provide the best user comfort by insisting these ergonomic features to your biosafety cabinet suppliers.

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