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The Courses in Sterile Compounding

The eCourses in Sterile Compounding are CriticalPoint’s Flagship offering. First released in 2007, these eLessons are specifically designed to teach and demonstrate the skills needed to meet USP 797 and 800 requirements as well as CriticalPoint best practices.

What makes our eLearning stand apart from competitors?

- Written by leading industry experts … who are thought leaders and influencers

- Current … eLessons are updated to reflect current standards and CriticalPoint best practices

- Anywhere, anytime … delivered over the Internet, offering convenient training that can occur during downtime or even at home … new hires can get started right away without pulling staff away from production

- Engaging and fun … the self-paced, interactive format makes it easier to learn … novice compounders can move at their own pace, while more-tenured staff can progress as swiftly as they want ACPE approved … added benefit of earning more than 35 continuing education credit hours for pharmacists or technicians

- Automated recordkeeping … takes the administrative burden off of you…comprehensive and flexible reports that make compliance tracking and audit preparation simple

- Widely adopted … that’s why more than 2,500 sites and 60,000 pharmacy personnel and state board inspectors have completed more than 500,000 hours of continuing education through CriticalPoint

Fundamentals of Sterile Compounding Curriculum 8 hours CE

- The History of Compounding and USP 797 Sterile Compounding Chapters

- Determining Beyond-Use Dating

- Quality Releases and Final Checks of CSPs

- Labeling and Packaging

- Master Formulation and Compounding Records

- Purpose and Effective Use of Standard Operating Procedures

- General Elements of Documentation

- Use of Automated Compounding Devices (ACDs)

Engineering Controls for Sterile Compounding 4 hours CE

- Primary Engineering Controls: Function, Use, Testing and Certification (2 hours CE)

- Secondary Engineering Controls: Function, Use Testing and Certification (2 hours CE)

Personnel Sampling Metrics 3 hours CE

- Personnel Hand Hygiene, Garbing and Gloved Fingertip Sampling (2 hours CE)

- Personnel Competency Testing in Aseptic Manipulation (1 hour CE)

Viable Facility Sampling Metrics 2.5 hours CE

- Overview of Environmental Monitoring (1 hour CE)

- Viable Air and Surface Sampling (0.5 hours of CE)

- Investigation and Remediation of Viable Environmental Monitoring and Personnel Sampling Excursions (1 hour CE)

Cleaning Pharmacy Controlled Environments 3 hours CE

- Overview of Cleaning and Disinfection of Pharmacy Controlled Environments (1 hour CE)

- Cleaning and Disinfection of Primary Engineering Controls (1 hour CE)

- Cleaning and Disinfection of Secondary Engineering Controls (Cleanroom Suites and Segregated Compounding Areas) (1 hour CE)

Aseptic Technique and Related Work Practices 5 hours CE

- Overview of Quality and Responsibilities of Compounding Personnel (1 hour CE)

- Proper Material Handling (1 hour CE)

- Use of Syringes, Needles, Vials, Ampules, and Filters (1 hour CE)

- Aseptic Technique and Conduct in Controlled Environments (1 hour CE)

- Sterile Compounding Outside of SCAs and Cleanroom Suites (1 hour CE)

High Risk Compounding Practices 4 hours of CE

- Sterilization by Filteration (1 hour CE)

- Moist and Dry-Heat Sterilization (1 hour CE)

- Bacterial Endotoxin (Pyrogen) Testing (1 hour CE)

- Sterility Testing Requirements of USP 71 and 797 (1 hour CE)

Requirements and Best Practices for Hazardous Drug Compounding 5 hours of CE

- Hazardous Drug Introduction and Overview (1 hour CE)

- Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls (1 hour CE)

- Use of Personal Protective Equipment (1 hour CE)

- Work Practice Strategies: Receiving, Storage, Compounding, Labeling, Packaging, and Transport (1 hour CE)

- Work Practice Strategies: Decontamination of HD Spaces, Management of Spills, and Staff Training (1 hour CE)

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