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UltraTouch Delivers Measurable Results, Actionable Data

D2’s UltraTouch™ program delivers measurable results and actionable data that drives the industry forward

Accelerating efficiencies in the specialty pharmacy market through technology-driven digital solutions for manufacturers, channel distribution partners and payers

St. Louis, MO – D2 Solutions, a leading provider of technology-based health care solutions and consulting services, is pleased to announce the launch of D2’s UltraTouch™ program, a comprehensive technology-enabled platform that enhances the performance of patient support and assistance programs on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, hubs, hospitals, physicians and other key health care stakeholders. 

“The pharmacy industry is working off a pharmacy dispensing technology framework that was originally designed over 20 years ago, and thus phone and fax are still the primary methods for communication,” said David Suchanek, RPh, D2 EVP of BioTech Solutions. “However, in a consumer-driven technology world, the pharmacy industry has fallen behind. After listening to our customers and conducting extensive research, D2 has identified the Rx process flow pressure points. These inefficiencies start at the MD/prescriber office and continue through all the service providers in the Rx process, creating a less than favorable patient experience. These friction points lead to missing data, Rx ‘never starts’, delayed starts, abandonment, and low patient support program enrollment. This results in a substandard and cumbersome patient experience, beginning at the doctor’s office. And the lack of patient adherence ultimately leads to negative patient outcomes. The inconsistency of services and data collection across multiple vendors also adds to the complexity, inefficiencies, and contributes to an overall negative experience”.  

D2’s UltraTouch™ technologies address and alleviate many of the pressure points encountered with physician office program enrollments, office samples, quick-start programs, Hub operations, pharmacy operations, and patient communication.  Kirby Eng, VP, Digital Solutions notes, “Our goal is to improve the stakeholder experience by utilizing leading-edge technologies, focusing on consistent communication, branding, and services across multiple stakeholders. D2 is offering these services as an SaaS-based technology solution that can be accessed by anyone in the marketplace.”   

Mr. Suchanek added, “As an outcome of listening to our pharma clients, D2 has also established a network of best-in-class specialty pharmacies utilizing the UltraTouch™ platform to provide a consistent end-to-end Rx experience with a simplistic contracting and deployment process.”  

About D2 

D2 Solutions empowers healthcare leaders with a unique combination of SaaS solutions and deep consulting expertise. We bring pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies & support providers, and patients together, empowering manufacturers to bring therapies to market faster and pharmacies to bring those therapies to the patients who need them. We lead manufacturers through the commercialization process, adding value to Trade & Distribution, Market Access & Reimbursement, and Patient Services. We also stand with pharmacies and hospital IDNs, providing the guidance they need to achieve compliance and licensure, solve regulatory challenges, and better connect with patients. Our proprietary technologies move clients even closer to their goals, finding that one point where everything moves forward. 

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