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InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System

InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System

+ Minimizes waste

+ Transforms workflow efficiency

+ Reduces pharmacy labor

+ Shortens time to administration

The InSite System definitely saves us time on our med-pass. It saves us about 50% than previously so we have more time to spend with residents and give them quality care.

Transforming Medication Management for Long-Term Care

The InSite System is changing the way medications are dispensed in long-term care facilities. This in-facility medication packaging and delivery technology enables secure, automated dispensing on location at long-term care facilities. InSite improves patient safety, reduces medication waste and saves nursing time by delivering pharmacist-approved, on-demand medication 24/7/365.

With InSite, the medication dispensing process is automated and accurate. Nurses can quickly package pharmacist-approved medications before each med pass, or on-demand to facilitate new residents, First Doses, STAT orders and PRNs.


Minimizes Waste – With on-demand packaging, changes in prescribed medications or patient residency will no longer produce unused blister packs that need to be destroyed or returned. This reduction in waste processing delivers an average of $4,000 savings per month per facility.

Transforms Workflow Efficiency – When contrasting in-facility medication packaging to the traditional blister card model, InSite significantly reduces the number of steps and minimizes the opportunity for human error.

Increases Revenue – Short cycle dispensing fees enable long-term care pharmacies to receive an average of $1,500 per facility each month in additional dispensing fees for each facility that adopts in-facility dispensing. 

Reduces Pharmacy Labor – On average, a long-term care pharmacy will save $12,000 per year in pharmacy technician hours filling canisters instead of blister cards.

Shortens Time To Administration – InSite dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for scheduled medication passes, freeing nurses to spend more time with their residents.


— Eliminates blister pack-related storage and inventory management concerns.

— Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for scheduled medication passes.

— Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming narcotics counts.

— Works with existing information systems, basing its automated inventory replenishment requests on actual medication usage.

— Reduces the number of medication deliveries and expensive special courier runs required.

InSite How it works 

With InSite, medication orders are transmitted to the pharmacist for clinical review. After approval, the medications are immediately available at the long-term care facility and dispensed from the InSite System with multi-dose, patient-specific packaging.

— Before delivery, each canister is filled, security-sealed, verified and signed by the pharmacist.

— Medications are dispensed only as needed and for a specific patient.

— Changes in prescribed medications or patient residency will no longer produce unused blister packs that need to be destroyed or returned.

— InSite provides inventory and dispensing information for down-to-the-dose accountability at each facility.


InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System 

The InSite System stores up to 240 different medication types in a single medication dispensing unit, providing automated, on-demand compliance packaging for oral solid medications prior to administration.

Medication Security: Restricts access to stored medications with password protection and locking metal doors

High-Speed Packaging: Packages up to 60 doses per minute with a broad variety of sorting options

Access & Efficiency: The average InSite canister holds about 300 doses and can be filled and processed in roughly the same time it takes to create a single 30-day blister pack. 

Safety: Supports an Automatic Canister Recognition System (ACRS) for added convenience and packaging accuracy

Inventory Management: Allows automatic inventory monitoring as well as lot and expiration tracking 

Training Videos: Concise “how to” videos help nursing staff use the machine independently. 

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