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D2 Solutions shifts focus to Technology, Unveils New Name, and Creates New Technology-Driven Platform for Health Care Stakeholders

Accelerating efficiencies in the specialty pharmacy market through technology-driven digital solutions for manufacturers, channel distribution partners and payers.

May 2, 2022 –  St. Louis, MO – It’s time to meet the new D2 Solutions — a leading provider of technology-based healthcare solutions and consulting services. Formerly D2 Consulting, we’re the same expert team you know, but we’ve changed our name to reflect how we’re reaching across the pharmaceutical industry to create real solutions for stakeholders including manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, clinic offices and support providers.

D2 is pleased to announce the launch of D2 Digital Solutions, a comprehensive technology-enabling platform for health care stakeholders. Over the last 4 years, in response to client demand, D2 Solutions has expanded its digital offerings to provide an end-to-end platform to address every step of a patient’s medication journey.  According to Dean Erhardt, D2 Solutions CEO and President, “D2 Digital Solutions is focused on alleviating patient friction points from the moment a prescriber generates a specialty prescription, navigating through the initial therapy start, and continuing along a patient’s entire medication journey.”

Leveraging technology, D2 provides its clients an automated Prior Authorization process for medical and pharmacy benefit medications, interoperability with over 300 electronic health record systems, while enabling innovative digital patient engagement and creative financial solutions. “These solutions are being utilized by multiple health care constituents and stakeholders, including patients, hospitals, manufacturers, providers, and specialty pharmacies to attain operational efficiencies and create a better patient experience,” said Kirby Eng, R.PH, VP of Digital Solutions.

In addition, Mr. Erhardt added “D2’s technology offerings will continue to evolve to meet the everchanging health care market based on our clients ongoing requirements and the need to create a more consumer friendly patient experience.”     

About D2 

D2 Solutions empowers healthcare leaders with a unique combination of SaaS solutions and deep consulting expertise. We bring pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies & support providers, and patients together, empowering manufacturers to bring therapies to market faster and pharmacies to bring those therapies to the patients who need them. We lead manufacturers through the commercialization process, adding value to Trade & Distribution, Market Access & Reimbursement, and Patient Services. We also stand with pharmacies and hospital IDNs, providing the guidance they need to achieve compliance and licensure, solve regulatory challenges, and better connect with patients. Our proprietary technologies move clients even closer to their goals, finding that one point where everything moves forward. 

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