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Three Qualities To Consider When Selecting a Healthcare Technology Partner

Partnering with a healthcare technology vendor means investing in your organization's success — here are three qualities you may want to consider when assessing potential partners.

Healthcare organizations are being challenged by the impact of several industry drivers, from the threats insiders and hackers pose to access vulnerable patient data  — over 50 million patient records were breached in 2021 — to dealing with overall risks and fraud and keeping up with changing HIPAA and other regulatory requirements to stay compliant. Add to that the ripple effect of critical staffing shortages on virtually every department within the health system and it becomes a lot for any organization to manage. 

As these challenges will continue to happen, it’s important to partner with a vendor who understands these drivers, is aligned with your organization’s compliance and risk strategies, and is focused solely on providing the guidance and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

What To Look For in a Healthcare Technology Vendor

A partner that helps protect your organization and trust while enabling you to navigate the intricate landscape of healthcare compliance and risk elimination is key to success. Consider these three qualities when embarking on a partnership with a healthcare technology vendor:

- Innovation: Is your vendor technology-first, and will they put investment dollars to work where they’ll expand to bring greater value to your organization?

- Determination: Are they focused on risk reduction, and determined to solve healthcare’s most critical challenges, leading by example and enabling you to better protect and care for your patients?

- Community: Are their customers at the heart of everything they do and do they partner with experts at top health systems, working together to improve healthcare and reduce risk?

Investing in Your Organization's Success

Ensuring the vendor you choose to partner with makes a commitment to innovation, determination, and community means investing in better protecting your organization, workforce, and most importantly, the patients you serve.  Look out for additional blog posts in the coming weeks that spotlight the importance of each of these pillars in greater detail.

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