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IMPROVE Performance, Adherence & Star Ratings. — The Compliance Team

IMPROVE Performance, Adherence & Star Ratings.

One of the biggest performance indicators of a pharmacy is improved medication adherence, which holistically leads to better patient outcomes. What sets TCT apart from other accreditation organizations is that our Community Pharmacy standards target the areas that improve performance. Medication Adherence, Medication Therapy Management, Point-of-Care Testing and Medication Reconciliation are all core components of our standards and accreditation process. 

By following these standards in your day-to-day operation, you will increase continuous quality performance, ultimately impacting adherence that reflects upstream through improved Star Ratings. 

TCT delivers the highest standards and always with our two-word promise to you: Accreditation. Simplified.

Ready to improve Performance,  Adherence, and Star Ratings? Let’s talk.


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