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Medicine-On-Time — Diversify Your Revenue Streams With an Array of Adherence Solutions

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company, has partnered with pharmacies for over 30 years to supply innovative compliance packaging solutions. Beginning in 2016, Medicine-On-Time started manufacturing consumable products in-house at our Florida-based facility, allowing for product-expansion. Today, we offer a wide selection of products to help pharmacies service any patient and in any care setting. In 2017, Medicine-On-Time acquired Clinical Support Services, a leader in MTM clinical software and services. Together, we formed CSS Health, an end-to-end medication management solution. 

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time’s product portfolio includes a wide selection of multi-dose and single-dose compliance packaging solutions as well as motNext Adherence Software. motNext is designed to help your pharmacy master your adherence program by offering optimized workflow and endless packaging possibilities.

Product Detail

- *MOT Complete: A proven solution that provides versatility for your pharmacy and the patients you serve. Choose from a monthly or weekly calendar layout and any day supply up to 35 days!

- CircuPack: A semi-automated system that offers an accurate filling process in your pharmacy and a modern design your patients will love. All at a low price point!

- *C.A.R.E. Package (Coming Soon!): Medicine-On-Time is excited to introduce the NEW C.A.R.E. Package. Designed to enhance clinical services, improve patient health literacy, and support coordination of care.

- *MTM Pack (Coming Soon!): A weekly multi-dose package available in a seven-day option with four-dose times and a 14-day option with two-dose times. Join the Advanced Practice Network and receive MTM Pack at a reduced price. 

- Multi-Dose Start-Up Solution: A great option to get started with medication adherence. Designed with a seven-day, four-dose booklet style layout. No software required.

* Indicates product includes removable dose cups.

- Single-Dose Products: Medicine-On-Time offers an expanding line of heat seal and pressure-sensitive single-dose packaging solutions. Go to to shop online.

-  Software: motNext is designed to help you streamline your medication adherence program by allowing your staff to organize patient cycles, power multiple package solutions, and master a proactive workflow in your pharmacy. See the partnerships and discounts section for a list of pharmacy management system integrations.

Business-Changing Services

- Optimize Workflow With Training and Support: Nationally certified pharmacy technicians and IT professionals provide all new and existing members with training and ongoing support. From workflow assistance to meeting technical needs, and everything in between, have you covered.

- Reach New Markets With Marketing Assistance: Our skilled marketing team works with member pharmacies to provide customized marketing resources. Offerings include website content, social-media-ready graphics, videos, brochures, flyers, posters, and more to help your pharmacy reach the markets you value most.

- Lower DIR Fees With the Performance Program: Our team of experts collaborate with member pharmacies on third party payer DIR fee reports and other tools such as the EQuIPP Dashboard. Together we formulate a plan to focus on lowering DIR fees and maximizing pay-for-performance opportunities. We combine the appointment-based model and proven adherence solutions to help you improve your bottom line.

Partnerships & Discounts

- Member Discounts: CPESN, Pharmacy First, Advanced Practice Network

- Integrations: PioneerRx, QS/1, Rx30, ComputerRx, Liberty Software, Speed Script, Epic

- Automation: Synergy Medical, a Parata Company

Advanced Practice Network

Ask about the Advanced Practice Network, a network of pharmacies and pharmacists practicing at the top of their license. Join today and access new reimbursement opportunities for clinical services.

How to Learn More or Get Started

Visit to get more information, chat with us live, or schedule an appointment. Our sales team has over 100 years of combined experience in medication adherence and can help you find the best solutions for your business. Email our team at

You can also order the multi-dose startup solutions or single-dose products online at

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