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Why Pharmacies are Embracing Contactless Payments to Delight Customers and Ensure Future Growth

Enhancing the experience with contactless payments in digital pharmacies.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has transformed the payments landscape with 72% of U.S. consumers wanting to skip the signature step entirely.

In an effort to minimize germ exposure, contactless payments have seen an increase in popularity. Pharmacy chains, in particular, are experiencing pressure to meet customer demands for more convenient, safe, and modern shopping experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore:

- The benefits of adding contactless payments to your pharmacy

- How contactless payments are modernizing pharmacies into the future

- Why companies that adopt innovative payment tech stand to flourish after the pandemic even more

1. Create a More Modern Experience

In today's digital world, customers expect and reward modern, convenient shopping. Adding contactless payments provides a frictionless customer experience that reflects positively on your pharmacy's brand.

2. Enhance Security

Contactless payment is every bit as secure as using an EMV chip credit card and clearly doesn’t have the germ and counterfeit risks of cash. In fact, each contactless transaction generates a one-time use cryptographic code that prevents counterfeit fraud.

3. Tap and Go Efficiency

Humans are hard-wired to appreciate simple gestures that are highly productive because these gestures are just so satisfying. Tap and go is about as good as it gets. Your customers will appreciate the efficiency which really should lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

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How Contactless Payments Are Modernizing Pharmacies Into the Future

Paying at pharmacies with contactless payments is faster and more secure. In place of cash or a credit card, customers can simply tap their smartphone or wearable device on a contactless reader.

The technology not only makes life easier for customers but also offers pharmacists many advantages. For example, contactless payments can help to speed up transactions and reduce checkout lines. They can also help to reduce the risk of fraud and theft.

As contactless payments become more widespread, we are likely to see more and more pharmacies adopting this technology. This will help to modernize the pharmacy industry and make it more convenient and efficient for customers.

Why Smart Companies Are Doubling Down on Innovative Frictionless Payment Tech

Responding to consumers' heightened expectations of service and delight, many companies are working hard to find new ways to engage with customers and make paying for goods and services part of a branded consumer experience. Ever focused on expanding their loyal customer-base to ensure future success, smart companies are embracing (contactless) payment and communication innovations like Pay By Text.

Contactless payments is quickly becoming a popular way to make the whole payment process more engaging: from sending invoices, to texting payment reminders, and receiving payments. Fast, efficient, and secure -- it’s purpose-built for the modern company and consumer.

For instance, 57% of shoppers will abandon their carts if they have to wait 3+ seconds for a page to load. And sadly, about 80% of those shoppers will never return.

Pay By Text by Everyware keeps Pharmacy traffic moving

Given that consumers tend to reward efficient checkout processes, companies in all industries are turning to innovative digital payment solutions to keep customers happy. 

All types of industries -- from travel to automotive --are turning to Everyware's integrated payment solutions featuring Pay By Text. One of Everyware's largest footprints is with pharmacies, in part because our technology is HIPAA compliant.

Using Everyware's two-way HIPAA-secure text messaging service, pharmacies engage with customers about prescriptions, verify IDs, update orders, and send reminders about payments and copays. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the time saved by the pharmacy staff.

This payment flexibility, combined with the most convenient payment methods, eliminates the need for app downloads or passwords.

With automated message workflows, pharmaceutical teams can engage customers with personalized text message exchanges while saving time and resources. No more switching between patient communication and payment software.

With Pay By Text and Two-Way Messaging From Everyware, Your Company Uses a Completely Secure Web Platform To:

1. Issue a personalized text with an invoice link to the customer

2. The customer clicks the link to open a payment screen

3. They enter their card info (or it was already saved in their browser) and click Pay

4. You see the payments come into the web portal in real-time

5. Returning patients can simply reply ‘Yes’ next time with their card securely on file

Get Pay By Text with Two-Way Messaging Now

If your company isn’t using Pay By Text yet, now is the time to start. It could be the key to your success in the post-pandemic world.

For more information on how to get started with Pay By Text, contact Everyware today at 561-404-1462.

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