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The Source for 503 Outsourcing

In an industry dealing with supply issues, health systems and labs need a reliable sterile services and raw ingredients supplier. Fagron Sterile Services (FSS) meets that demand with same-day shipping on more than 97% of orders placed before cutoff times. 

Hospitals and surgery centers require that products adhere to compliance standards and pass all necessary tests. FSS tests 100% of batches for sterility, particulate matter, and potency to support patient safety.

Compounding pharmacies need an expert supplier in all areas of 503. FSS’s doses are produced with industry-leading automation and quality control systems. They are one of the most advanced DEA and FDA-registered 503B outsourcing providers in the United States, providing a broad portfolio of high-quality sterile medication and expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, repackaging, patient safety, regulatory guidance, and pharmacy.

FSS has been at the forefront of shaping industry standards in sterile preparations spanning three decades.


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