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Pouch packaging is an alternative form of multi dose/unit dose blister packaging in which a pharmaceutical product is enclosed between two webs of heat-sealable flexible film through either a heated reciprocating  platen or a heated crimp roller.[1] 

Advantages of Pouch pack over Blister Pack 

Economical packaging solution

Strong and perfect packaging material for drug protection and distribution

Allows patient to consume the prescribed tablets without touching the package of the other tablets

Dose accuracy

Pouch packaging can be easily automated

Maximized protection and safety of tablet packaging

Things that should be taken into consideration 

Cost plays a role in this pharmacy industry, which is more focused towards complying with the regulations and maintaining product integrity/security

Preferred Flexible Unit/Multi Dose Packaging


Factors like cost, regulation, innovation and supplier flexibility are the key governing areas in the pharmaceutical sector, also determining the choice of packaging these drugs. Different forms of unit dose packaging could be used to suit the needs of flexible packaging suppliers and pharmaceutical companies for different drug categories. 

Strip packs would be the cost effective choice for over the counter drugs. The use of strip packs reduces packaging by almost 40 percent, thus leading to cost savings.  


Unidoses: For all your Strip Packaging needs at Affordable prices 

Unidoses offers two Standard Pouch sizes: 3.3"H * 3"W and 2.2"H * 3"W 

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