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Case Study: Reasor’s Pharmacy Uses Supplylogix® Integrated Inventory Management Suite to Increase Sell Through and Improve Efficiencies

Chain Realizes Significant Inventory Savings in Just Twelve Months


Reasor’s is a full-service grocery store chain based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. The chain operates 17 stores with pharmacies in each location. 

David McGehee is the Director of Pharmacy for the retail chain. He enthusiastically talked about the successes that the stores have achieved using the EnterpriseRx pharmacy management system and the Supplylogix suite of inventory management products.

McGehee expresses high satisfaction for EnterpriseRx, noting that Reasor’s has been happily using it for nine years. He also praises the Supplylogix Pinpoint suite they have used for the last year, which fully integrates with EnterpriseRx.

He enthusiastically speaks about the value that the Pinpoint line has added to their business, saying:

“Using Supplylogix for our inventory management has put us light years ahead of what we were doing… we saw half awe saw half a  million dollars in inventory reduction inmillion dollars in inventory reduction in  just 12 months bjust 12 months by managing 100% of oury managing 100% of our  inventory through Pinpoint Orderinventory through Pinpoint Order®®… it shows how effectively the program works.”

Supplylogix’s integration with EnterpriseRx provides real-time, accurate information and the analytical capabilities they desire to improve decision making and automate the transfer process between stores. 

Using Supplylogix® Pinpoint Inventory Management Product Suite Yielded Significant Results in Just One Year:  
Managed $1.5M in transfers of medications between stores
Eliminated handling fees (to zero) with full integration with McKesson Connect
Achieved 90% sell-through rate and 70% transfer approval rate
Reduced time spent on supplier returns from 2 hours to 20 minutes
Real time, accurate inventory counts with full integration with EnterpriseRx®
Improved staff efficiency and patient engagement


Reasor’s recently identified some key areas where they could increase efficiencies, including ways to better manage their on-hand inventory and revamp their ordering processes for medications. They also wanted to minimize loss and reduce inventory expenditures.

Desiring to better serve their customers, promote better outcomes, and improve the bottom line, they turned to Pinpoint Order®, Pinpoint Transfer®, and Pinpoint Count® to help in their quest.

Prior to adopting Supplylogix solutions, McGehee says: “We did not have a good method for inventory management before—we were old school—we reordered drugs only after we sold them.”

Reasor’s also wanted to generate accurate inventory counts to ensure the right medication, at the right time, and at the right store.


Pinpoint Transfer has managed almost $1.5M transfers in the past 10-month period; resulting in a 70% transfer-approval rate; and a sell-through rate of almost 90%.

“Pinpoint Transfer’s ability to ‘talk’ with EnterpriseRx means that we return what we actually need to return, based on the system’s data driven recommendations, and not return just what we think needs  to be returned.”

“Additionally, the sharing of data between three key areas--our pharmacies; Supplylogix; and our ordering system (McKesson Connect) -- allowed us to reduce handling fees to zero.

“And, by using Pinpoint Order, pharmacy managers can now use all kinds of analytical data which helps us make better decisions. The stores have seen decreases in out-of-stock levels, meaning customers don’t have to return multiple times for partial fills.”

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the time saved using the Supplylogix suite. The increase in staff efficiencies cannot be overstated.”

Pinpoint Count has also been a game-changer for Reasorgame-changer for Reasor’s.

This automated, configurable tool cycles through Reasor’s top NDC movers. The tool then routinely sends a specific quantity of these drugs to the pharmacy in a cycle count to ensure an accurate quantity on hand. Pinpoint Count then automatically updates EnterpriseRx.

“Again, that full integration between our pharmacy system and the Supplylogix solutions is key to knowing our inventory levels are correct at any given time,” McGehee says.

“The staff now also enjoys spending time doing other things, like providing more clinical services, counseling, and patient outreach due to the efficiencies and time savings gained from using the Supplylogix inventory management product suite.”

Future Plans

“Continue to Build Off of Our Recent Successes"

Using continuously generated Supplylogix data, Reasor’s anticipates they can regularly optimize inventory levels. They also eagerly implement new Supplylogix features and product enhancements.

Supplylogix products are designed with regular customer input and testing, and Reasor’s is now an active partner for future Supplylogix product releases.

“Now that we’ve been up and running with Supplylogix and can see inventory data, we can analyze that data, act on it, and become a more proactive and effective pharmacy for our customers,” says McGehee.

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