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How can Population Health Pharmacy help you succeed in your current or future role as a pharmacist?

We are in an era of unparalleled opportunity. Right now, tech-based start-ups, chain and independent community pharmacies, large and small health-systems, pharmacy benefits managers, national managed care organizations, and multi-national pharmaceutical companies are all working to be able to collect, organize, and translate data into actionable insights for the purpose of improving the health and wellness of large groups of patients. How can you participate in this shifting care model? The Jefferson College of Pharmacy invites you to learn the skills necessary to use the population health pharmacy principles.

How can Population Health Pharmacy help you succeed in your current or future role as a pharmacist?

By combining your pharmacy acumen with advanced knowledge and skills in pharmacy informatics, biostatistics and pharmacoepidemiology YOU will be able to:

1. Identify opportunities to improve the health of different populations

Who are our patients?  What different populations of patients do we serve?  What factors that affect overall health status are influencing medication use and outcomes?

2. Influence the care of patients at the population level

How can we better promote the medication use system to achieve better outcomes?

3. Design and promote programs that generate revenue or produce cost savings

How do you identify patients who would benefit from remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, etc.

4. Evaluate programmatic measures of success

How successful have we been in achieving our goals?

Interested? The Jefferson College of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the Jefferson College of Population Health, can empower you to participate in and drive these new care models by enrolling in its Population Health Pharmacy degree program. This 100 percent online Master of Science or Graduate Certificate program is specifically designed for working pharmacists to develop expertise in designing, implementing and assessing programs to optimize health outcomes and resource utilization for populations of patients across all pharmacy practice settings. 


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