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RxAdvanced: Hazardous Drugs | In Partnership with CriticalPoint (CE Credits: 5 Hours)

RxAdvanced: Hazardous Drugs | In Partnership with CriticalPoint
CE Credits: 5 Hours | Course Expiration: January 31, 2025
Price: $99

As pharmacies make strides toward compliance with USP <800> standards that pertain to hazardous drug safety, many recognize that they protect employees and patients best when they have optimal training, processes, and procedures in place.

TRC Healthcare created the RxAdvanced: Hazardous Drugs program to help pharmacists fill gaps in their knowledge of safe hazardous drug handling in a healthcare setting. This training program provides five hours of ACPE-accredited training that prepares pharmacists for proper care and handling of hazardous drugs at every stage—from receipt to disposal.

Access to this program is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Hazardous Drugs

This self-guided, online training—built by subject matter experts with extensive knowledge in USP hazardous drug standards—is available to pharmacists 24/7. Pharmacists not only learn the most relevant content within USP <800>; they acquire valuable operational knowledge that promotes safer work practices, better construction and design, and improved processes in your pharmacy. The program is updated regularly so your pharmacists stay current with best practices for handling hazardous drugs.

Pharmacists can complete the highly interactive program in short, self-guided segments that are easy to stop and start. The format allows each user to measure existing knowledge and to check mastery of new content. The training integrates related content, including USP Chapter <797>.


- Engineering controls

- Personal protective equipment

- Multiple regulatory standards for hazardous drug handling in a healthcare setting

- Risk mitigation strategies

- Safe strategies for every aspect of working with hazardous drugs

Course Curriculum

Hazardous Drug Overview (USP <795> and <797>)

Learn about health and occupational risks of exposure to hazardous drugs and strategies to implement for safe handling of hazardous drugs.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-22-3014-H07-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

Containment Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls (USP <795> and <797>)

Learn how containment engineering controls operate and function to protect you from hazardous drugs and their potentially damaging effects.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-22-3015-H07-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

Personal Protective Equipment for Hazardous Drug Handling for USP 795 and 797 Compounding

Review the more complex garbing required for handling and compounding hazardous drugs.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-22-3016-H07-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

Hazardous Drug Work Practice: Receiving through Transport to Patients (USP <795> and <797>)

Review required and best practices for handling hazardous drugs, including containment of residue, packaging, and transporting compounded preparations.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-22-3017-H07-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

Hazardous Drug Work Practice: Decontamination and Spill Management (USP <795> and <797>)

Learn about decontamination in hazardous drug handling environments, managing spills and disposing of hazardous drugs, and documentation requirements.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-22-3018-H07-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

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