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1. SIZE: Peel-off mats are not big enough to be effective, it is shown that to capture contamination effectively you need at least 6 footsteps or 3 full wheel rotations.

2. ONLY 27% EFFECTIVE: It has been shown that peel-off mats are only 27% effective at capturing contamination, and to reach this optimum they must be peeled after every use (which sounds incredibly time consuming ?).

3. WHEELS: Peel-off mats are NOT suitable for wheeled traffic, like palette trucks and trolleys. The mats can get caught round the wheels or rip.

4. PARTICLE SHEDDING: When you have to peel the mat, it re-distributes approximately 215,000 particles back into the atmosphere. This increases the chance of contamination.

5. COST: Peel-off mats may seem to be the cheap option at first glance, however, when looking at Dycem's polymeric flooring with peel-off sticky mats, Dycem flooring not only costs less over the longevity of both products but most critically it outperforms the main selling points that a peel-off sticky mat has to offer, by a long way.

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