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ANiGENT Announces the Latest Update of Flagship Platform, MAAP Analytics® 3.0

ST. LOUIS, MO, June 7, 2022 – ANiGENT announced that its latest software update — MAAP Analytics 3.0 — will enable hospitals to achieve near 100 percent accuracy in identifying the true cause of variances when investigating drug diversion events. This is the first product in the market to do so. 

“One of the challenges hospitals have shared with us is the difficulty of quickly and accurately recognizing whether a discrepancy is a practice issue or a drug diversion event,” said ANiGENT chief product officer Charles D’Amato. “Our newest update of MAAP Analytics solves that problem.”


According to D’Amato, there are more than 300,000 different combinations of how medications are handled in a hospital setting. While most drug diversion software products focus on a one-to-one ratio, MAAP Analytics is capable of accurately tracking and charting all combinations of medication processes.  


The updated platform follows medications throughout the floor, as well as the practitioners administering them. It can track multiple removals and account for different times of days for thousands of daily transactions. It is also capable of identifying discrepancies in medical waste assay, which is not offered by any other products in the market.

A fast-growing Midwest drug diversion solution provider, ANiGENT was established in 2019 to commercialize MAAP Analytics following a five-year benchmark study at Mayo Clinic Arizona. The study showed how the implementation of the platform led to a reduction in practice inefficiencies to less than one percent, allowing the hospital to recoup over $3 million in revenue in five years.

The MAAP Analytics 3.0 update will occur automatically without additional cost to the more than 80 facilities that currently employ the platform. Along with the implementation, ANiGENT will provide 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure the transition will go smoothly and hospitals will not require extra hours from their informatics teams.


ANiGENT was established in 2019 to deliver a comprehensive, patent-pending drug diversion detection platform: Medication Administration & Analysis Program (MAAP Analytics®). Built by clinicians for clinicians and backed by over 10 years of refinements in a clinical setting, MAAP Analytics uses machine learning to track all users, all medications, in all locations and identify the root cause of discrepancies in minutes. Purpose-built and proven to produce actionable intelligence, MAAP Analytics is operationally efficient and configurable to any facility’s requirements. To learn more about ANiGENT and MAAP Analytics, visit

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