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How Can A ProxsysRx Pharmacy Improve Your Value-Based Care Scores?

It’s no secret that Medicare, and private payers, closely monitor health care providers’ readmission rates. If Medicare determines a given health care system has too many readmissions, it can reduce all of that system’s payments by up to 3%. Private payer penalties can be even more severe.

At the same time, statistical evidence indicates that up to 70% of all preventable readmissions are due to patient prescription non-compliance. What's more, based on the analytics generated by ProxsysRx’s proprietary software, readmissions from prescription non-compliance are often significantly more expensive to health care providers than other readmissions.

Research also indicates that the leading causes of medication non-compliance are Premature Cessation, Prohibitive Medication Costs and Confusion / Lack Of Information. 

ProxsysRx Outpatient Pharmacies offers the following services & benefits to address those causes:

Meds To Beds

Post-Discharge 30-Day Follow-Up (average 10 patient “touches”)

Discounted (Or No Charge) Prescription Programs

Improved Medication Access — Including Home Delivery

To learn more about ProxsysRx’s Outpatient Pharmacy programs (and how, for one Mississippi health system, we increased pharmacy revenues 125% and decreased readmissions 79% in just 12 months), Click Here — or Contact Howard Hall: | 205.588.0946

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