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NuAire | Blizzard… - 86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezers


-86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezers

Eco-Friendly HC Refrigerants

Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants are efficient, environmentally safe, and non-toxic.

Backup CO2 / LN2 Cooling* 

Hook up to a CO2 and/or LN2 system to maintain internal storage temperature in the event of a power outage.

Quadruple Gasket Outer Door

The four gaskets on the outer door ensure a pressure-tight seal, reducing icing.

Insulated Inner Doors*

Single gasketed compartmentalized inner doors for greater temperature stability. 

Sample Ports

Two sample ports are located on the top and bottom of the freezer backwall for the convenient access of independent monitoring tools.

Pressure Equalization Port*

The Pressure Equalization Port is heated with a spring assisted mechanism to help prevent icing, allowing the freezer door to be opened shortly after adding samples.

USB Data Port

Easily download freezer data via USB port located on the electronic control center. 

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