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Allow PCS to Help You Meet the Gowning Requirements for USP 797 [Video]

USP 797

What is Appropriate For Your Cleanroom? 

Allow PCS to help you meet the gowning requirements for USP 797.

Sustainable Gowning Protocol 

Reusable vs. Disposable

Help drive sustainability programs by reducing consumable products (disposable coveralls, hoods, boots, masks, goggles, mops, and sleeve covers) all items you throw away, and convert them to a reusable solution. 

The Sustainable Choice

-Reduce carbon footprint

-Reduce waste and environment liability

-Reduced cost

-Improve morale/ comfort

-Enhance compliance

Is Your Process FDA Compliant?

Go to our website to read the article:

A Study of Sterile vs Sanitized Goggles Guidance

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