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Cardinal Health™ Monoject™ SmarTip™ Vial Access Cannulas [VIDEO]

Cardinal Health™ Monoject™ SmarTip™ Vial Access Cannulas | No needle means no needlestick 

Protect your staff and patients from needlesticks with Monoject™ SmarTip™ needleless medication preparation technology from Cardinal Health.

Patient and clinician safety starts with smart design

Preventing needlestick injuries is key to maintaining your facility’s sharps safety protocol. In fact, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines recommend avoiding the use of needles altogether where safe and effective alternatives are available.

Choose Monoject™ SmarTip™ Vial Access Cannulas

Developed to replace a variety of medication preparation needles in your sharps line with little training, the SmarTip™ Cannula is the needle-free solution that’s superior by design.


Soft pack packaging

Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex

Sterile, single use and individually packaged

Needleless for clinician safety

Plastic cannula engineered to help  prevent accidental needlesticks

Anti-coring for patient safety

Piercing, not puncturing, helps eliminate coring and particulate

Efficient medication draws 

16-gauge equivalent flow rate and dual eyelets draw up even the most viscous medication from a vial easily and completely

For more information or to sample product, visit or call 800.964.5227

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