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Master the Next Step in Your Career — University of Wyoming [VIDEO]

University of Wyoming

College of Health Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Master the Next Step in your Career

- Enhance your professional credentials with the M.S. in Health Services Administration

It's Your Decision

-The University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy offers an online Master of Science in Health Services Administration program that is designed for working professionals which requires two years of part-time study. Working together, UW can give you the credentials and skills you need to either advance in your current employment or move up into a new and exciting career path in the healthcare arena. We offer both spring and fall admissions.

We Now Offer 18 Different Tracks Through Two Specialty Areas

1. Health Institution Leadership

2. Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

Work with classmates from across the US gaining insights from others with diverse backgrounds and careers be they pharmacists, nurses, physicians, social workers, or others. 

Visit our site for more details of course options and join other colleagues in a positive learning environment. 

About the Program

- Low tuition with financial aid available

- Classes are scheduled for working professionals

- Minimal residency requirement; all-online option

- No GRE is required. Non-Thesis Masters

Check Out The Program or contact

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