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Medication Management Addressing Your Top Needs — 3AM Technologies [VIDEO]

Optimize Medication | Safety & Flexibility 

High quality technology providing the care and safety patients need. ServeRx® is an eco-system of products that delivers a safe, smart and simple medication management solution. ServeRx® gives your healthcare facility trouble-free solutions by reducing human error, with a focus on patient care and safety.

Medication Management Addressing Your Top Needs

Peace of Mind

With a unique closed-loop solution inclusive of accurate dosing and tracking, ServeRx® lets you rest easy knowing the right medications are dispensed on time, every time.

Flexible & Scalable

The 100% modular system is customizable to be the right fi t for your current needs and designed to scale for growth.

Budget Friendly

Compared to other popular options on the market – but without the high price tag – ServeRx® modules can be implemented as you need them, saving you from paying for one extensive rollout.

“The ServeRx® Medication Management System has helped 

me in so many areas...I have better control over inventory.”

Dana Smith | Director of Pharmacy | Dallas County Medical Center

(800) 326-7656 | |

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