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The Right Drug and the Right Concentration — Pharmacolog [VIDEO]



The Right Drug and the Right Concentration

- DrugLog® verifies the identity and concentration of compounded injectables in an instant, prior to administration to a patient. It enhances work efficiencies and increases medication safety measures.

Flexible for All Compounding Workflows

- Hazardous and non-hazardous compounding robots or manual compounding.

- Health system centralized compounding or outsourced.

Key Features of Druglog

- New drug calibrations created on site.

- Cloud-based storage of calibrations and measurement data.

- Use of cuvettes prevents contamination of measuring device.

- Portable for use between departments or facilities.

- Immediate results with measurement graphs available on screen for qualitative analysis.

Why Druglog

- Reduces risk of medication errors.

- Supports various compounding workflows.

- Provides consistency in compounding results. Vital component of your USP 797 QC program. Quick and reliable results in seconds.

- Reduces cost and increases ROI.

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