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Innovative, High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers — Migali Scientific [VIDEO]

Migali Scientific

Innovative, High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers

Migali Scientific has been manufacturing high performance refrigeration for cold-chain storage for over 65 years. Our cutting-edge, medical-grade pharmacy, laboratory and COVID-19 vaccine refrigerators and freezers are purpose-built to comply with the CDC, WHO, NSF joint committee guidelines. Migali Blu-WaveTM expansion valve technology is integrated across all Evolution Series models. This valve technology greatly enhances temperature recovery, stability & uniformity for the most critical lab and pharmacy environments beyond competing brands. The Migali IntelVUTM intelligent microprocessor and 7” touchscreen interface encompasses many features including high accuracy temperature control (+/- 1°C), continuous temperature monitoring, security features, and diagnostic/protected refrigeration settings. Scan the QR Code to learn why more hospitals and health practitioners throughout the US are now choosing Migali Scientific.

Migali Scientific | Blackwood, NJ | 855.464.4254 | | 

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