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Compendial Sterility Testing

Compendial Sterility Testing

Pharmetric Laboratory provides compendial testing for those clients that either by choice or by regulation need compendial microbiologic testing. This is an older test (First introduced in 1932) and has been the standard “Policing” test in the USP for quite some time. By definition, this test is performed in compliance with USP<71>. Please be attentive to tables 1, 2, and 3 in <71> and keep in mind a Method of Suitability is highly recommended. Please read the instructions carefully when logging in, and call if you have questions.

Why choose us?

-Significant Cost Savings

-Increased Inventory Turns

-Less Waste

-Enhanced Revenue Streams

-ATP Bioluminescence Testing

-Compendial (USP <71>) Testing

-Endotoxin (USP <85>) Testing

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