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2022 Flu Season Makes Headlines with its Early Debut

Date: 6/30/22

Author: Christine Petersen

Flu season usually makes its debut late in the year. But this year it’s ramping up early. 

Or perhaps it never left. 

With the pandemic precautions of recent years, flu season experienced steep global decline. And yet, the CDC reports our 2022 flu cases haven’t died off as expected. In fact, they increased. 

This remarkable phenomenon hasn’t happened in decades. 

Authorities are encouraging Americans to be prepared. Flu vaccines and personal protective measures are recommended. Healthcare facilities are encouraged to stock up on vaccines as a precaution for the active flu season. 

If you’re a facility that administers vaccines, do you have enough vaccine capacity? American Biotech Supply (ABS) can provide premium vaccine cold storage. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit the number of doses needed. 

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Protect yourself and your family so you can remain healthy in the days ahead. 

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