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Lower Your Pharmacy Medication Delivery Costs

Discover How ParcelShield Protector Helps To Lower Your Pharmacy Medication Delivery Cost

ParcelShield Protector is our proprietary parcel tracking technology that identifies and predicts challenges associated with UPS and FedEx delivery services.

ParcelShield Protector identifies distressed medical packages in real-time keeps you and your patients informed of critical time sensitive medication needing attention. And if required we will intervein by taking physical possession of the distressed packages and delivery it to the patient, the same day.

ParcelShield Protector Provides:

- Automated alerts and notifications to eliminate delivery delays

- Proactive patient communication at every step to reduce WISMO (Where Is My Order)

- Insightful analytics to improve pharmacy operations

- Carrier analysis to improve delivery schedule and avoid repeated reship

- Take the first step towards a better patient experience while reducing reships and lower pharmacy operating costs.

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