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Safeguarding Vaccines with Superior Storage

The Joint Committee for Vaccine Storage, formed under a partnership between the CDC and NSF International, finalized a new standard for vaccine storage. It calls for the performance of vaccine storage units to maintain 5°C +/-3°C across all potential storage locations under varying load and use conditions.


Adhering to the new performance standard for vaccine storage makes getting the right cold storage solution a priority. The company that ensures reliability and quality is Helmer Scientific. They are rising to all the vaccine changes and challenges and meeting the needs of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and pharmacies with their GX Solutions line of vaccine refrigerators and freezers.

Focusing on temperature, noise, and energy management, GX Solutions is the first cold storage product to optimize all three areas and offer a professional, medical-grade solution. 

View the Helmer Scientific vaccine refrigerators and freezers here.

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