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Pharmaceutical Inventory Experts: Precise, Efficient, and Confident [Video]

Pharmaceutical Inventory Experts: Precise, Efficient, and Confident

The nation’s leader in pharmaceutical inventory services providing inventory data that is accurate and dependable.

Why Outsource Your Inventory Needs?

• Teams of experts conduct the inventory within a few hours.

• Teams conduct inventories daily-not annually.

• Minimal interruption to the pharmacy staff and operation.

• Teams work seamlessly around the pharmacy staff ensuring that the “snapshot” is a true representation of the inventory on-hand.

•Eliminate the need for overtime or coordination of staffing to accommodate inventory.

•Expert valuation and pricing of the inventory by an independent party.

•Competent inventory specialist that can work with Finance and/or external audit firm to validate the inventory.

•Collaboration with the Pharmacy to provide an accurate report in a timely manner.

To learn more about Capital Inventory and how we can help you with our inventory services please contact 1-800-345-0849 or

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