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4 Ways Medicine-On-Time’s Newest Adherence Package will Improve Patient Communication and Patient Health Literacy

Every day patients are prescribed new medications and oftentimes have very limited understanding of their use and administration requirements.  As a trusted healthcare provider, your pharmacy is perfectly positioned to help the patient increase success with their treatment plan.  This requires communication tools that keep them connected even after they leave your pharmacy.

In week 2 of this blog series, Challenges Your Pharmacy Faces and How Medicine-On-Time’s Newest Product will Resolve Them we focus on Challenge #2 – Improving Patient Communication and Patient Health Literacy.

Here are 4 ways Medicine-On-Time’s newest compliance packaging solution will help you improve patient communication:

It reinforces the pharmacist’s consultation

Your patients look to you for expert advice and clarification when it comes to medications included in their regimen. However, retaining important points of your discussion once they walk out the door may be challenging for them. On the C.A.R.E. Package, you can improve patient health literacy by including notes from your consultation right on the patient’s medication package. With the optional C.A.R.E. Plan attachment, your pharmacy has the opportunity to reemphasize key elements of the patient consultation and even include messages for them to share with other members of their care team..

It Aligns with the Appointment-Based Model

Offering an appointment-based model gives the patient a routine to stick to and allows them to report to you any issues they encounter with their medications.  With the C.A.R.E. Package, the patient’s medications are organized in a way that keeps them on track throughout the month and the routine cycles align with their monthly appointment. On the optional C.A.R.E. Plan attachment, the patient can even record notes and reminders to themselves of topics they need to discuss with your pharmacy team on their next visit.

Inform Patients About Special Services and Upcoming Events

The C.A.R.E. Package is a great communication tool for informing patients about upcoming events and other new opportunities available at your pharmacy.  Maybe you are hosting a Diabetes Educational Event next month, or offering new supplements that could be added to the patient’s adherence package.  Special messages and graphics, including coupons can be printed right on the package and can be refreshed with new information on a regular basis.

It’s an Intuitive Medication Management Solution

The best way to simplify medication management is to offer a straightforward system that provides visual reinforcement for each dose.  From a young age, everyone is taught to read a calendar.  Organizing medications to match a monthly or weekly calendar and providing clearly labeled dose times takes the guesswork out of medication management.  The C.A.R.E. Package becomes the best communication tool for your patient when they leave your pharmacy.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about the C.A.R.E. Package, contact us at or BOOK A MEETINGwith a Medicine-On-Time representative today.

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