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The Package Tailored for a Patient

Must-have features of unit dose packaging include:  

• Unit of use, FDA-compliant bar codes

• 18- to 24-month dating

• Product uniformity

• Cost-effective packaging

• Progressive packaging design

Pharmacies receive all these features with McKesson's SKY Unit Dose Drug Packaging System. Moreover, pharmacies can achieve better supply chain performance and greater patient medication adherence with SKY Unit Dose blister packaging and barcoded generic oral solid medications.

By packaging user-friendly, safe, and effective unit dose products, McKesson enhances the pharmacy patient's experience while assuring product integrity. The team continuously makes advancements based on pharmacists' and patients' feedback, resulting in a robust product pipeline that exceeds expectations.

SKY performs stability testing, product monitoring, and serialization on all our products. It also offers a variety of packaging options, including:

• Unit dose

• Liquids

• Bottles

• Compliance packages

SKY products appear on many group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts. 


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