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Improve Medication Delivery Times Across The USPS and Increase Revenues

Today's patients expect disruptions to their USPS deliveries. Medications can be lost, and it's common for delivery times to be extended or delayed. This can result in patients getting frustrated, increase inbound calls to the pharmacist and increased costs to your pharmacy. Download Datasheet.

ParcelShield Tracker changes this with our ability to track and monitor the packages you ship via the USPS. We keep your patients informed throughout the package delivery process.

​​​​​Key Benefits of ParcelShield® Tracker:

• Reduce call center labor costs by slashing the number of inbound WISMO calls.

• Reduce reships by minimizing unclaimed return to sender (RTS) packages.

• Reduce compliance issues by achieving higher adherence rates.

By utilizing ParcelShield® Tracker, your pharmacy will see significantly increased efficiencies, which will yield better revenue cycle metrics across the board. Take the first step towards a better patient experience for your USPS deliveries and lower operating costs today.

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