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Your Software is Working Overtime, So You Don’t Have To!

For many busy, independent pharmacies, days can feel like a blur of incoming prescriptions and calls. Not only are you working hard to fill scripts, but you’re juggling requests from customers in your store and submitting claim information to payors, too. With so much on your plate, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. To help you tackle your to-do list, we’ve developed two advanced software features, AutoProcess and NightTech. They work behind the scenes to move your refill requests through the fulfillment process automatically, including after hours. This way your software is working overtime, so you don’t have to!

AutoProcess and NightTech provide you with around-the-clock support, automating several steps in your fulfillment process including:

     • Verifying designated prescription queues

     • Submitting claims to payors

     • Printing prescription labels

During normal pharmacy hours, you can enable AutoProcess multiple ways. You can use it for specific patients directly from their Rx Profile, or for all scripts within a particular queue. Once initiated, you’ll be able to process multiple prescriptions at once, without having to switch screens. This helps your pharmacy operate more quickly and efficiently throughout the day.

After hours, you can schedule NightTech to take over. It can automatically verify prescriptions within selected queues, print labels and submit claims to payors overnight. This allows you to begin filling scripts the moment you walk in the next morning.

Setting up AutoProcess and NightTech is simple, too. You can:

     1) Auto-enroll all your patients in automatic refills. This way, all refills will be automatically added to your refill queue*,

           eliminating a step for you.

     2) Select how and when you want to use NightTech after hours. This includes the ability to decide:

           • What day(s) you want to use NightTech

           • Which queues you want processed

           • If you want to include cash refills

           • Whether you want labels printed overnight

           • If any applicable copays should be automatically charged to A/R

     3) Assign separate settings for LTC or nursing home facilities/patients. Often, automating your cycle filling can save you hours of work

           each month.

Once the setup is complete, AutoProcess and NightTech get to work behind the scenes in your pharmacy software. To keep tabs on your pharmacy after hours, you can view a report of NightTech’s actions, too. The report can be filtered by patient name, prescription status or date.  This way you can easily print (or reprint) labels when needed, and quickly identify any claim rejections or processing errors that were encountered overnight.

We know how much work it takes to operate a busy independent pharmacy. That’s why we continue to develop innovative software features, like AutoProcess and NightTech, to help you automate your daily workflow. Using AutoProcess and NightTech not only saves you valuable time, but it also helps to reduce labor costs by working overtime, so you don’t have to!

To learn more about how to put AutoProcess and NightTech to work for your pharmacy, schedule a free demo.

*Where permitted by state law.

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