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The Seven Questions to Ask: Selecting the right drug diversion prevention solution

Choosing the right solution for detecting and preventing drug diversion is not an easy task. Unlike a car, drug diversion prevention programs cannot be taken for a test drive or checked for errors under the hood. 

So, how do hospital executives know if the solution they’re considering is the best for their health system?  Ask vendors the following key questions, then compare their responses to ANiGENT’s MAAP Analytics® platform.  Selecting the most effective solution to save lives and protect hospitals from liability should not be left to chance. 

1 - How accurate is the solution in detecting “true” drug diversion events?

MAAP Analytics automatically detects even the most complex transactional interactions — including temporary patients, overrides, and incremental dosing transactions — at near 100% accuracy.  In addition, all related transactional data from ADCs, EHRs, direct dispense, and waste/assay reconciliation are validated, isolated, risk scored (for further investigation) and segmented for resolution or analysis. 

Other products cannot distinguish practice noise — which can range from 30% to 50%* of potential diversion events. Extensive time and effort spent discerning practice noise leaves little time to identify true drug diversion events. MAAP Analytics is the only solution that pinpoints the discrepancies and automatically assigns a potential cause to the discrepancy.

2 - Does the solution utilize Applied Intelligence? 

Unlike other products that emphasize Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the driver of their solution, MAAP Analytics utilizes Applied Intelligence. MAAP Analytics leverages human intelligence and validate data as the drivers, leaving AI as the enabler. Human intelligence based on an understanding of real-world clinical practices is key to ensuring accuracy and minimizing false positives.

3 – Is the solution able to integrate waste and assay data effortlessly? 

Pharmacists rank waste as the #1 most targeted area for diversion*.  Surprisingly, most solution products are not able to integrate waste and assay data. An available and configurable feature, MAAP Analytics is the only solution that combines waste reconciliation and waste assaying to prevent theft, substitution, skimming, and tampering of waste. The patent-pending solution intelligently informs the drug diversion prevention team of expected waste, waste volume, and waste concentration, which can be included in every user’s comprehensive risk profile. 

* Based on discussions with potential clients currently using competing drug diversion solutions.

4 - Can it monitor PCAs, CS infusions, 1⁄2 tabs, oral solutions, and compounding waste/overfill and even non-controlled medications? 

Not all products can track 1⁄2 tabs, oral solutions, and compounding waste/overfill, including non-controlled medications. MAAP Analytics is the only solution that can track PCAs and CS infusions. Only MAAP Analytics can track all users in all profiling and procedural clinical environments, including pharmacy staff, contract workers, and residents. 

5 - Can the solution provide true peer-to-peer analytics without relying on inaccurate HR scheduling information? 

Products that pull from timecards or scheduling information to compare peers are highly inaccurate and will only produce multiple variances. Any timecard error can take up to two weeks to fix. Because of this, data pulled before timecards could be invalid. Additionally, clinical environments employ many healthcare workers, but not all of them necessarily administer medications to patients during that shift. Tallying shifts from timecards is not accurate, which leads to significant analytical error. ANiGENT employs a proprietary method, eliminating the need for interfacing with highly confidential HR systems and removing associated inaccuracies.

6 - Can the solution identify “temporary patients” and contract users?

“Temporary patients” are those whose names were entered in an automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) so a user could remove the medications without linking to the electronic health record (EHR) data. Unfortunately, most drug 

diversion prevention products can’t account for variances related to a temporary patient. With MAAP Analytics, the user identity and the medications pulled for temporary patients can be detected, tracked, and monitored. In addition, MAAP Analytics can also “fully monitor” contract workers and their patterns of behavior. 

7 - Can the solution monitor medications dispensed directly from the narcotics vault or pharmacy compounding area?

Most solution products are not able to audit medications directly dispensed to the patient from narcotic vaults, which experienced diverters can exploit. Without an electronic chain-of-custody, these drugs can easily “disappear” from the documentation process. MAAP Analytics is the only platform that can intelligently track direct patient dispenses and identify possible variances. 

Bonus Question: 

Does the solution provide the flexibility and convenience for wasting at any ADC location without the original, removal transaction?

Other solutions do not make it easy for users to comply with wasting procedures.  MAAP Analytics is the only drug diversion prevention platform designed to make it easier for healthcare workers to document medication waste. The intelligence behind MAAP Analytics allows users to go to any waste retrieval bin nearby to complete the retrieval process, ensuring that the process is carried out as soon as the medication has been administered. ADC discrepancies, created by an individual documenting waste on another user’s removal, do not occur with this platform. MAAP Analytics is the only platform that utilizes a single-user procedural wasting process, saving clinical staff disruptions, time, and chain-of-custody concerns.


ANiGENT is the first and only software provider to deliver a comprehensive solution that helps facilities track and monitor all users and all medications in all locations. The platform, MAAP Analytics®, is a patent-pending solution designed from the clinical ground up. MAAP Analytics utilizes machine-learning algorithms to identify and prevent drug diversion from occurring; pinpoint the areas that need process improvement; capture revenues lost; and, most importantly, protect patients and improve safety.

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