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Jays Company - Our History

Since 1970, our story has always been one of honest values and integrity. The company can trace its roots back to Gary Kumerfield, who began his career working for a large wholesale drug company as a territory salesman at age 23. Although he did well and enjoyed the work, Gary saw an opportunity to improve the level of service afforded by the label and forms industry.

In 1972, Gary purchased Jay’s Company—a small label and forms company at the time—and began serving the greater Midwest region with printing and packaging products and services. The company was incorporated in 1993 and, driven by its success, expanded its service to a nationwide customer base. Since then, Jay’s Company has become one of the nation’s most trusted distributors!

In 2008, Jay’s Company was purchased by Lisa Holzer. She has owned and operated the company since, increasing sales and adding employees as the company continues to grow.

Throughout all these years, Jay’s Company has never lost sight of its roots or its guiding principles: quality customer service, excellent value and honest integrity. 

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