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Increase Visibility on the Shipment of Critical Patient Medication and Improve On-Time Delivery

In earlier articles, we established the correlation between greater patient engagement and a pharmacy’s ability to leverage multiple communication channels, like email and mobile text messaging, by tailoring them to the preferences of today’s digital-savvy consumers. We also examined how leveraging parcel tracking technology with data, insights and predictive analytics can improve the pharmacy’s operational processes and planning on the front-end — before an order is shipped — to minimize lost or delayed packages and enhance patient satisfaction (Net Promoter Score).

However, we can’t anticipate every challenge life throws at carriers. When real-time obstacles occur, such as weather conditions, extreme temperature or environmental changes, they likely will increase shipping delays and costs, negatively impact patient engagement, and create havoc in pharmacy operations. We need better data, analytics and insights throughout the medication delivery journey that can help healthcare providers measure and determine the impact these unanticipated conditions will have on the successful delivery of critical patient medication. Read more >>

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