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State-Of-The-Art Environmental Monitoring

Estimating the microbial and particulate content of room air and surfaces is one element of an environmental monitoring program. But it can't stop there. Healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical labs need to know what conditions contribute to excessive microbial levels. That's where Infinity Laboratories comes in to monitor. 

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This expert team can characterize and identify bacterial or fungal contaminants should contamination occur.

Infinity Laboratories is known for providing the gold standard of environmental monitoring. The team is well versed in regulations for a manufacturing environment to ensure compliance with FDA, USP and ISO 13485, and ISO 14698 requirements.

Infinity Labs provides the precision needed in bacterial counts, and the accuracy applied when identifying an organism via DNA Sequencing.

Customers will feel assured with efficient environmental monitoring to analyze the air, surfaces, settling, and personnel plates. Infinity Labs exceeds the goal of going beyond monitoring and becoming a partner in the success of its customers.

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