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Compliance Was Never So Easy

Verify the efficacy of your aseptic technique with Hardy Diagnostics. They offer all the USP 797 solutions needed to assess the risk of microbial contamination of Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs).


The product line from Hardy Diagnostics are quality culture media tested for performance. The team also designed the pH and sterility kits to adhere to USP <797> guidelines. And kits are available for low, medium, and high complexity procedures. 

As USP <797> compliance specialists in microbiology, the Hardy Diagnostics team views their role as partners to the pharmaceutical lab in their most important mission to ensure a safe end-product for patients. 

Expert technical support is available from our staff of microbiologists who can help with:

Surface Sampling

Air Sampling

Sterility Tests

Certificates of Analysis 

For over 37 years, Hardy Diagnostics has been the trusted manufacturer of culture media.

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