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A Blizzard is Good for Vaccines

Quick pull-down times, precise temperature uniformity, and optional redundant backup systems are just a few reasons to trust the NuAire Ultralow Temperature Freezers (ULT). The team at NuAire tailored the freezers for laboratory and clinical samples, vaccine storage, and more with chest, under-the-counter, and upright freezer configurations. 

These configurations can make a big difference to the staff dealing with vaccines daily.


The Blizzard™ range of vertical ultra-low freezers efficiently stores samples using HC refrigerants and protects them within a structure using steel walls. The multiple polyurethane foam insulated interior doors allow easy access with minimal temperature loss to racks on the stainless-steel shelves. 

The under-the-counter ultra-low freezer in the Blizzard portfolio enables low-temperature storage in a compact size.

The front electronic control panel displays running parameters at all times. Staff can always download data via the USB port for long-term data logging.

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