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Easily Manage Your Entire Pharmacy

Using pharmacy management software ensures your pharmacy runs smoothly BENHIND the counter, but what about your front-end operations? Using a point-of-sale system in tandem with your pharmacy software enables you to gain better visibility of your over-the-counter transactions as well. This way you can easily manage your ENTIRE pharmacy.

Our fully integrated Point-of-Sale software, BestPOS works seamlessly with your existing BestRx software and offers a wide-range of time-saving features that can be customized to your pharmacy.

Here are five ways BestPOS can improve your pharmacy’s front-end operations:

1. Elevating the Patient Experience

With BestPOS, you can quickly create custom promotions to fit the needs of your customers and using our partnership with Pointy, you can even display your OTC products on your Google business profile. This way you can capture new customers looking to make a purchase in your area. You can also retain and grow your customer base, thanks to our built-in customer loyalty program, too.

2. Providing Flexible Payment Options

BestPOS is EMV/chip compatible and enables you to provide patients with multiple convenient ways to pay, from debt and gift cards to EBT and food stamps. Our integrations with Heartland and CardKnox make it easy for your staff to process credit card payments quickly, too. Using our Text-to-Pay feature, patients can even make a payment remotely, using a smartphone or mobile device.

3. Streamlining Your Deliveries

Using the BestRx Mobile Delivery App, it’s easy to manage your prescription and OTC deliveries, right from the BestPOS system. Not only can you track the status of your deliveries, but you can also capture electronic signatures and collect payments through the app.

4. Tracking Your Inventory

You can set reorder points and monitor stock and acquisition costs directly from BestPOS. Plus, you can quickly update pricing when needed, using electronic files imported directly from your wholesalers.

5. Accessing Robust Reporting

With BestPOS, you can set customize sales analytics to track and compare your prescription and OTC sales overtime. This way you can quickly identify trends and adjust when needed.

While streamlining your operations behind the counter is a great first step, it’s important not to overlook the frond-end of your store. Using BestRx’s pharmacy management software and point-of-sale system together, makes it easy to manage your entire pharmacy.  

Request a free demo to learn more about BestPOS today!

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