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Modernize Payments Including Messaging and Pay By Text, Everyware

Everyware helps pharmacies reach higher patient satisfaction and achieve better financial performance by offering modern personalized payment solutions. 51% of patients chose to pay for RX orders with pay by text.

Company Background

Everyware was launched by Larry Talley and his partner Scott Orlinsky in Florida, in 2015. Everyware started by helping the hospitality industry  increase sales, mitigate merchant risk, and improve customer service through two-way text messaging.  Now headquartered in Austin, Texas, Everyware is growing quickly. The company continues to expand its platform, expertise, and services to enable every business in need of easy-to-use, contactless payment and messaging solutions.

Product Overview

Everyware offers simple billing solutions for organizations in a wide variety of industries helping companies collect payments and connect with customers, especially through text messaging, the ultimate contactless technology. The company helps clients to boost revenue, reduce chargebacks and refunds, as well as improve customer service. There is no other highly secure, mobile communication platform and payment gateway on the market that combines these tools to meet the demand. It is the most straightforward, simple, and scalable pay by text platform that has the capability to work alongside existing systems with easy integration.


“Fantastic product! Everyware should be everywhere! A payment solution that’s designed to integrate with existing business software, allowing for easy patient follow-up, simple invoicing with cash collections — and with saved money compared to our current merchant processor.”

— ravkoo Health

Product Benefits

Everyware will make your patients’ lives easier by offering them multiple payment options. Your healthcare staff can collect payments faster and engage patients through HIPAA-secure, two-way text messaging. Maximize your revenue without allocating staff to pursue patient payments and remove barriers by giving your patients more options to pay.

Payments and Messaging all in One

Invoice by Text, Email, or Virtual Terminal

HIPAA Compliant and PCI Level 1 Certified

Customizable and Flexible

Easy to Implement

SMS Auto Appointment Reminders

Pickup Reminders

Secure Copay Links

Batch SMS Invoicing for Overdue CoPays

Boost Patient Satisfaction

API and Custom Integration Available

No App Download Required

At Everyware, we take data security very seriously and take measures to ensure our merchant and partner data is secure at all stages. Everyware utilizes several third-party vendors to verify our merchant and partner data is protected from vulnerabilities. We are PCI Level 1 Certified, the highest level possible for payment processing. We are HIPAA certified and have achieved SOC II Type 2 security compliance.

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