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A 101 Guide to Buying a Laboratory Refrigerator


Looking for a laboratory refrigerator? You’re not alone. Cold storage is essential for most labs. From storing testing samples to lab chemicals, laboratory refrigerators have an essential role to play. The wrong kind of refrigerator can result in spoiled substances and huge financial losses.

A high risk.

This article will eliminate the guesswork and highlight exactly what you need to consider when purchasing a laboratory refrigerator.

Start with Features

First, examine the features of each potential laboratory refrigerator. Ask yourself what would work best for your daily needs. Not sure where to start? Consider the features below:

     • Temperature Control - Investigate the temperature control mechanism in each prospective unit. Laboratory refrigerators normally

     come with a microprocessor temperature control system. Microprocessors are highly preferred over other options because of their

     uniform temperature regulation and precise digital control.


     • Size - What space do you have available? If your setting is cramped, consider an undercounter or countertop design. If you have

     a large facility and need vast amounts of storage, consider spacious, multi-door designs. 

     • Shelving and Storage - Open each prospective refrigerator and look at the shelving and storage space inside. Considering your

     application will help you determine what internal storage layout best suits your needs.


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