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Surescripts Expands Network for Real-Time Prescription Benefit Coverage

"Heartbreaking" and "frustrating" are two words that likely come to mind when pharmacists encounter the three in ten patients who cite cost as the key reason for not taking their medications. "Time consuming" might be another apt descriptor, since the typical pharmacist will spend about 20 minutes helping a patient find an alternative medication.

Help has arrived though, with the Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution from Surescripts. Pharmacists can rely on the Surescripts solution for critical benefits that include:

    • Real-time access to medication covered by patients' plan formularies. This allows the pharmacist to know immediately if a prescribed

      medication is covered, and what a patient's out-of-pocket costs will be.

    • List of covered alternatives. If a prescribed medication is not included in a patient's formulary, or if the out-of-pocket costs are

      excessive, the solution will provide a list of as many as five alternative medications when available.

    • 30-day and 90-day fill rate options. Continue Reading >>

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